Scaffoldingand shuttering rent – Altrad Montaż Ltd in Siedlce

Our company Altrad Montaż, with its headquarters in Siedlce, has more than 20 years’ experience on the market. We operate nationwide and internationally and thanks to the skills and high qualifications of our team we provide excellent quality of our services. We offer you comprehensive services such as individual design for the desired structure, professional transport of scaffolding and shuttering as well as the installation of the elements. The installation is carried out by trained staff holding appropriate qualifications which are issued by “Accredited Training Centre for Assemblers” as our paramount goal is taking care of work environment and safety at every workplace.

Rusztowanie na tle czerwonej ściany

Scaffolding rent

Scaffolding is essential on every building site regardless of the number of storeys in the building or the extent of the work being carried out there. Thanks to their various structures, it is possible to work outside as well as inside the property.

Project development

Scaffolding structures are distinguished by their various degrees of complicatedness. As a result, in some cases it is necessary to develop an individual project when the planned scaffolding is different from the system scaffolding.

Installation services

The installation of scaffolding is a difficult and responsible task since solidity and correctness of the installation guarantee its durability and consequently safety of the people working on them.

Transport of equipment

Choosing the appropriate way to transport scaffolding to a construction site depends on the size of items and their complexity. A transit van is usually sufficient for transporting small and simple structures.

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