Scaffolding rent

Pracownik na rusztowaniu

Scaffolding rent guarantee considerable flexibility in the supply of services and provide the use of systems adjusted to the nature of the construction work. These structures are essential on every construction site regardless the number of storeys of the facility or the extent of the works carried out in it. Thanks to their various designs it is possible to work outside as well as inside the property. Many contractors choose to hire rather than buy because each investment is slightly different.


Scaffolding types

Scaffolding rent provides access to wide range of construction solutions and helps to choose the elements which are the best adjusted to the current task. They vary in the matter of constructions, design, complexity and in the way are assembled. The simplest variants such as lightweight portable structures made of aluminium which are often equipped with castors to easily make them moveable are suitable for carrying out work at low height. Framework or modular systems which contain steel or aluminium load-bearing elements connected to each other by pins, latches or bolts are usually used for working at greater heights. As far as frame scaffolding is concerned its construction consists of flat units joined together and braced by working platforms. Modular scaffolding is slightly similar to previously used tubular systems. The load-bearing parts are equipped with special nodes usually placed 50 cm from each other to which horizontal platforms are attached to form the structure of the scaffolding and ensure rigidity as well as stability of the structure.