Project development

Osoba przeglądająca projekty techniczne na stole obok leżących narzędzi budowlanych

Project development concerning specific scaffolding consists of preparing the concept and making the necessary calculations. As a result, the creation of an assembly for the structure is created. Among the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration there is the stability of the scaffolding and the variety of possibilities of its use. While creating the design it is important to comply with the required standards. Scaffolding systems are often marked by inaccurate connections so it is necessary to take into account imperfections in the frame caused by some deviations. Therefore, it is important to install adequate stiffness including fasteners or to determine the torque character of connections in case of using prefabricated connecting pieces.


What should the technical design of the projects include?

Scaffolding can be designed only by people who have a construction licence in the structural engineering specialisation. That project should in particular include:

  • Check of the durability and stability of all transition systems formed sequentially during the assembly of the parts considering the wind power
  • Verification of the connectivity of the assembled components in their successive positions
  • Development of ancillary mechanism to grant access to workers who make connections via system of ladders and platforms.

Technical project development is not necessary in case of typical scaffolding i.e. a scaffold that is assembled from the system components included in the assembly and scaffolding instruction according to its configuration and terms.