Assembly services

Elementy rusztowania

Assembly services require appropriate qualifications and the placed construction
should be approved by the construction manager or other authorised person.
According to the fundamental regulations they must be inspected daily. Moreover, a
periodic inspection should be conducted every 10 days and should include checking the
correctness of anchorage, examining the condition of the platforms and descents,
looking for any failures and verifying the condition of the earth. Altrad Montaż’s
employees have the essential certificates so we provide scaffolding rent services
including assembly and disassembly.


What are the stages of scaffolding erection?

The stages of scaffolding erection include:

  • extending the scaffolding horizontally,
  • continuation of the process with the addition of more frames including bracing, them and platforms which are also horizontal bracing,
  • installation of an extendable ladder adjacent to platform trapdoor,
  • levelling of the finished chain using the nuts of the screw bases,
  • successively building each storey starting with overlapping of the frames in the circulation path
  • lateral extend of the scaffolding by adding another elements i.e. diagonal braces and platforms
  • installation of handrails supported by pins with latches and special stabilizing frames on the top of the storey
  • anchoring the scaffolding i.e. fixing the structure e.g. to the wall of the building where the work is undertaken which ensures the stability and durability of the construction and guarantees the safety of the workers.