Scaffolding and shuttering rent

Our company offer comprehensive scaffolding and shuttering rent including transport and assembly [sub-tab: assembly services]. As a result, work at height can be carried out safely and conveniently. Our scaffolding and shuttering can be used to build supporting and division walls as well as to insulate, plaster and paint the elevation. The solutions we offer make enables workers to install window joinery, perform tasks on roofs, install sheathing and build chimneys.
We fulfil every commissioned task with immense carefulness and commitment. Moreover, we provide assistance in selecting the appropriate technical solution essential to execute the planned projects.
Specialist skills and necessary qualifications provide us with many satisfied customers. We carry out professionally and reliably all our services and provide a warranty on these services.


Assistance in the selection of scaffolding

We specialise in scaffolding rent for individual investors and companies. If the scaffolding is different to the system, we develop an individual design for the structure. This involves working out all the steps related to lifting and positioning scaffolding links so that they guarantee safety of the workers. Its integral part is the assembly plan which must be sufficiently considered so as not to cause sudden difficulties on the construction site. Therefore, the method it is constructed has a major impact on the choice of the scaffolding layout.

Scaffolding rent


Project development

Plany projektowe leżące na stole

Installation services

Konstrukcja stalowa

Transport of equipment

Pojazd ciężarowy na drodze